Our story

HORSE-MAPP is the ultimate online equestrian sales platform with a unique mix of cost free listings for horses and businesses, direct messaging capabilities and easy to use geographical search functionality.

Created by leading equestrian designer, Michelle Hicks, HORSE-MAPP exists to make life and business simpler for all equestrians. Equestrian sports by their very nature mean most horse people need to operate quickly from their mobile phone ... HORSE-MAPP is the first platform of it's kind to have a totally mobile responsive version ... meaning it has never been easier.

Finally HORSE-MAPP has an optional website integration functionality. Integrate your horse sales listings into your own website with no extra work. This functionality is unbranded and is a service offered exclusively by HORSE-MAPP.

By understanding the requirements of modern day horse people, HORSE-MAPP has every need covered to make life and business successful.


Helpful information


Horse and Business listings are free on HORSE-MAPP. Create as many listings as you like ... still free ... and alway will be.

Add as many images as you like to your Horse or Business listings. Our easy to use photo editor even sizes them to fit perfectly.

Add as many videos as you like to your Horse or Business listings. They only need to be each under 30mb in size. You can also add as many youtube video links as you like.

Description text
We have limited the amount of information you can have in the description. The numerical counter will tell you where you are at.

Chat security
No one can read your messages ... that is except you and the person you are messaging.